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Are there bathrooms in the sanctuary?
Yes, bathrooms are available for pilgrims, near the cafeteria in front of the church.

Can we eat onsite?
Please note that the cafeteria only serves hot and refreshing drinks and ice creams. Picnics are not allowed on the site. However, if the group is not too big, people can eat inside of the cafeteria.

Where can I take a break during the visit?
Several benches are at your disposal all along the tour. The cafeteria also offers a sitting area.

I lost/forgot something when I came, what should I do?
If you were part of a group, alert your guide, he will get in touch with us. If you came alone, please call the gift shop +972 (02) 673 1739, ext 227 during the opening hours (9 am to 5 pm, except on Sunday).

Is there any onsite housing?
The community offers different kind of rooms with breakfast. To maintain a personalized contact with the guests, booking are only possible for 3 nights minimum. A self-catering accommodation with 48 beds is also available to welcome groups. Please note that it is not possible to book only one or two beds in this accommodation. You will find more information here about our accommodations here.