All along the year, the Assumptionnists and Oblate Sisters are helped by volunteers.

Volunteers are welcome to stay for one to three months minimum (depending on their contracts).

The “Programme Volontaires Laïcs Assomption” is offered in partnership with the D.C.C. (Délégation Catholique pour la Coopération).

Volunteers have to be covered by a personal medical and accident insurance during their stay.

Even though no specific qualification is required, a good knowledge of English and other languages would be an advantage. Everyone is expected to place his skills at the service of a great human and spiritual experience.

The volunteers’ mission is to help the staff members with their daily work. The different tasks consist in:

  • welcoming the groups at the reception and getting the admission tickets
  • preparing the altar for group masses
  • helping at the gift shop
  • serving beverages at the cafeteria
  • maintaining cleanliness on the site (inside and outside)
  • preparing the rooms, the breakfast and the laundry for the guests
  • any other task that could help a particular need

The volunteers are offered a private room and are invited to share the prayer life and table of the community.

All volunteers get two day off per week, so they can discover the Holy Land.

If you are interested in joining us, please feel free to contact us on petergallicantu at gmail.com or go to http://www.volontariat-assomption.org