The Byzantine model

This model (scale 1/200e) represents the Christian Jerusalem during the Byzantine period, before its destruction by the Persians in 614. Seven churches are depicted, including Saint-Peter in Gallicantu.

The city of Jerusalem underwent a turbulent history. One of the most violent events was, after two Jewish wars against the Romans, the destruction of the city and the creation of a new one called Aelia Capitolina by the Emperor Hadrian. When the Roman Empire stopped persecuting Christians in the 4th century, they started building churches in memory of Christ.

Saint-Peter in Gallicantu

The project of a Byzantine Jerusalem’s model came up to remember these times. This reconstruction, however uncertain it may be, was intended to freeze a moment in Jerusalem’s religious history that will last for a few centuries.

This model was made in 2003 by Professor Jacques Briend, exegete and archeologist, and Jean-Claude Marmorat, architect and designer.