The Assumptionists

Saint-Peter in Gallicantu is run by the Community of the Assumptionists.

The congregation of the Augustinians of the Assumption, commonly known as the Assumptionists, was founded in 1850 in Nîmes (France) by Father Emmanuel d’Alzon (1810-1880), vicar general of the diocese and director of the Assumption High School.

Today, the Assumptionists are active in 30 countries. They are dedicated to education, social and missionary work, in particular through pilgrimages. In France, they also represent the leading Christian media company, publishing the daily La Croix, Pèlerins and Prions en Église.

First arrived in the Holy Land in 1882 for a pilgrimage, they founded two large centers: Notre-Dame de France (now called Notre Dame Center and placed under the responsibility of the Vatican) and Saint-Peter in Gallicantu. They serve the pilgrims with the help of the Oblate Sisters of the Assumption, employees and volunteers.